Учитель. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today you'll see a mini-show which is devoted to the popular holiday «Halloween». Welcome t - shikardos.ru o_O
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Учитель. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today you'll see a mini-show which is devoted - страница №1/1


Учитель. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today you'll see a mini-show which is devoted to the popular holiday «Halloween». Welcome to our Halloween Party!

Ведущий. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Halloween is one of the best holidays for children. People celebrate Halloween on the 31-st of October. Halloween colors are orange and black. During the early years of the Christian era people celebrated Halloween with games, bonfires, parties. Today, of course, Halloween has degenerated into a candy-collecting orgy by costumed youngsters who travel from house to house crying out»Trick or Treat!»

Презентация «What do we know about Halloween» – презентация на интерактивной доске.  (Приложение 1)

Ведущий. Now we'll see the play which tells us about this funny and the same time horror holiday.

Инсценировка.«Three magic seeds».Гаснетсвет, играетмузыка, появляютсяthe Prince Pepper, Queen Salt and Vinegar Witch and Sarah.

Ведущий. Once upon a time there was a Magic country. In the capital of the country there was the Golden Palace where Queen Salt and Prince Pepper lived. Prince was very rich. He had a lot of food but he liked mustard very much. But someone had stolen all the Prince's magic mustard seeds. Prince and Queen wanted to buy them in the shops but they couldn't find.

Queen. What should we do? We can't find the mustard. The Prince can die. What should we do? Who can help us?

Sarah. Well, I try to find the magic seeds. But where does the witch live? How can I get there?

Queen. You can get there by broomstick and you'll have to go there on foot too. First find the magic road!!!

Играет музыка, и дети поют песню «Ten little witches ...», выходят ведьмы и танцуют.

Vinegar Witch. Oh, I'm glad to see you but if you aren't afraid of me you must guess some puzzles. But first repeat after me:

«I would like to go, to meet, and to see

To show, to visit and to stay to dance
To sing, to play.
Are you ready to do it?»

Sarah. Yes we are. What should we do?

Vinegar Witch.  Now'll see small sheets of paper. On each of it there is a part of sentence. You'll have to join them right and read aloud. (Предложения текста разрезаются на части.) Учащиеся должны составить правильно текст. (На это задание дается 3-4 мин.)

Пример предложения: You must be very careful on the night of October 31st.This is the night when witches and ghost come out!

Vinegar Witch. You're right. So, try to do the next task. I want to ask you about Jack O' Lantern. What do you know about him?

 (На доске написаны опоры, которые помогут учащимся составить рассказ.)

Vinegar Witch. Thank you for your story. Now repeat after me: «I would like to go, to meet…»

Sarah. Yes of course.

Vinegar Witch. Now we'll have Halloween quiz and I'll see what you know about this holiday. Oh, how I like the puzzles.


1. When is Halloween celebrated?

A) December 25-th
B) February 14-th
C) October 31-st

2. What colors are associated with Halloween?

a) Red and green
b) Orange and black
c) Yellow and blue

3. Who can walk through the walls?

a) Witches
b) Goblins
c) Ghosts

4. What is worn around the neck to keep vampires away?

a) Garlic
b) Onion
c) Pepper

5. How many bones are there in the human skeleton?

a) About 50
b) Over 200
c) Over 1000

6. What does a witch use for transport?

a) A hat
b) A broomstick
c) A motorbike

Vinegar Witch. Well. Welcome to my castle. I don't have many visitors these days. What do you want?

Sarah. People say somebody has stolen magic mustard seeds. But some people say you have them. Is it true?

Vinegar Witch. Perhaps it's right. Look at these boxes. One of them has the magic seeds.

Sarah. What should I do?

Vinegar Witch. You must guess the crossword.

Звучит музыка, дети разгадывают кроссворд, находят слова по теме «Halloween». (Приложение 2)

Vinegar Witch. Great, you can open one of these boxes.

Sarah opens the box but it's empty.

Vinegar Witch. Excellent! I have a chance to play with you once more. Guess the riddles.

Дети отгадывают загадки:

1. I flight at night because I don't like light (Bat)

2. I'm scary and white. I come out at night. Who am I? (Ghost)
3. I've got soft black fur. When you hold me I purr. Who am I?
4. I'm round on all sides. I've got a light inside. Who am I? (Jack-o-lantern)
5. I've got a black cat and a big pointed hat. Who am I? (Witch)
6. I’m yellow or white. I smile on Halloween night. Who am I? (Moon)

Vinegar Witch. Stop, stop you'll kill me. Come up to me. You can open the second box.

Sarah opened the next box, but it's empty. «What can I do?»

Vinegar Witch. (Ведьма чихает) Oh! I hate children. I'll give the last chance. I like to dance. Can you dance with me?

(Звучит музыка, учащиеся выходят в костюмах, ведьма выбирает лучшие, и они танцуют.)

Vinegar Witch. Excellent! You can open the last box.


«Halloween, Halloween magic night.

We are glad and very bright.
We all dance and sing and recite
Welcome! Welcome! Halloween night!»

Затем Sarah открывает последнюю коробочку и находит горчичные семена внутри. Она берёт их и выбегает с ними из замка ведьмы в большой спешке.

Sarah. I have found them, I have found them!

Queen. How wonderful! The Prince will recover soon. (Все вместе поют песню «I don't wonna say Good bye!»)

Учитель. Thank you! Our party is over.