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Развитие диалогической речи на уроках английского языка - страница №1/1

Муниципальный семинар

учителей английского языка,

на тему: «Развитие диалогической речи на уроках английского языка»,

состоявшийся в МОУ СОШ №9 Рузаевского муниципального района

Мероприятие на тему “Thanksgiving Day”,

проведенное с учащимися МОУ СОШ № 9.

Учителя: Алпатова В. А.,

Алпатова И. Ю.

Цель: знание и уважение традиций и обычаев стран изучаемого языка, развитие творческой, познавательной активности учащихся.

Оборудование: компьютер, плакаты, реквизит для игр, макеты тыквы, жареной индейки, тыквенного пирога, презентация (см. Приложение №2).

1PUPIL: The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a national holiday, so most people don't go to work. People get together with their families and friends to give thanks for the good things in their lives.

2PUPIL: Thanksgiving started over 350 years ago with the Pilgrims in the fall of 1620, one hundred Pilgrims came to the United States from England. They came on a boat, the Mayflower. Half of the people came for religious freedom. All came for new lives.

1PUPIL: The first winter, the Pilgrims were hungry, sick, and cold. Many people died. Then the Native Americans, the Indians, helped the Pilgrims. They taught the Pilgrims to plant corn and build houses. In the fall of 1621, the Pilgrims and the Indians had the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims wanted to give thanks for their new land. They also wanted to thank the Indians for their help.

2PUPIL: Thanksgiving Day is associated with certain symbols and foods. Turkey is part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, since it is believed that the Pilgrims and Native Americans had turkey at their feast. Cranberries are also part of Thanksgiving dinner, because the Pilgrims had cranberries, which they found in the bogs around Plymouth. The cranberry, as it was called, was used for dye, as well as for food.

1PUPIL: The horn of plenty, or the cornucopia, is a familiar Thanksgiving symbol. It is a symbol of the earth’s bounty, and reminds us that our food comes from the earth. Indian corn is used as a decoration. The American Indians taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, which the Pilgrims used to survive their first winter. To keep hostile tribes from knowing how many Pilgrims had died, the Pilgrims planted corn over graves.

Performance “Thanksgiving party”

Granny: Oh, dear! I am looking forward to seeing our children

Grandpa: Yeah, they are to come any minute.

Granny: I wonder will they like my food or not?! I think, my turkey is tasty today

Grandpa: Don’t worry, your turkey is always the best in our town. The same I can say about your pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce.

Granny: Don’t you forget to buy sweet popcorn for our grandchildren?

Grandpa: No, I don’t

(звонок в дверь, входят сын и дочь с детьми)

Daughter: Good afternoon! Merry Thanksgiving Day!

Son: Good Day! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Grandchildren: Hello Granny and Grandpa! Merry Thanksgiving Day!

Grandpa: (обращаясь к внукам) How big are you!

Granny: (обращаясь к внукам) You became elder!

Daughter: We have some food for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Grandpa: How nice of you! Let’s begin our Thanksgiving dinner.

( все рассаживаются за столом, берутся за руки и произносят слова молитвы)

Crandpa: Thank you God for being well, for a healthy year and a good job, for meeting new friends. Thank you God for your blessing, for my family and beloved people love and help us.

Daughter: I’ve got a card from our aunt and uncle. They wish us the best and they wanted to visit you next month.

(показывает поздравительные открытки)

Son: I’ve been also congratulated with our cousins by SMS: they are too modern to send cards and letters.

(показывает телефон с СМС)

Granny: My dear, are you ready to recite us poems about Thanksgiving Day.

Grandpa: And I want to listen to some poems.

Grandchildren: Oh, yes, with pleasure.

1. Thanksgiving
Thank you
for all my hands can hold –
apples red
and melons gold,
yellow corn
both ripe and sweet,
peas and beans
so good to eat!

2. Thank you
for all my eyes can see –
lovely sunlight,
field and tree,
white cloud-boats
in sea-deep sky,
soaring bird
and butterfly.

3. Thank you
for all my ears can hear –
birds’ song echoing
far and near,
songs of little
stream, big sea,
cricket, bullfrog,
duck and bee!

4. Apple pie,
Pumpkin pie,
Turkey on the dish!
We can see,
We can eat
Everything we
Wish, wish, wish, wish.

5. Grandma’s here,
Grandpa’s here,
Cousins bright and gay,
Aunts and uncles
Share with us
This good Thanksgiving
Day, day, day, day.

6. Thank you, God,
Thank you, God,
For good things to eat.
Thank you also
For this day
When we with friendly hearts
Do meet, meet, meet.

Daughter and son: Let’s play our favourite Thanksgiving games.

( дети и взрослые играют в игры)

The Turkey’s Tail

Someone has to put the turkey’s tail to the turkey with blinded eyes.

Mr. Turkey

One pupil sit on the chair with his eyes closed. Another pupil then says “Mr. Turkey”. The pupil on the chair has to guess who Mr. Turkey is.

Popcorn Game.

Place some plates with popcorn and plates without popcorn at some distance. The groups of the participants are to carry popcorn using spoons.

Who are you?

One pupil sits on the chair with a crown on his head. The others ask, “Who are you?” He must guess what superscription is on his crown (e.g. popcorn, turkey, pumpkin, etc.)

Granny: Why don’t we sing songs? (поют любимые песни, посвященные Дню Благодарения)
2PUPIL: Thanksgiving is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season, and in many cities and communities Thanksgiving marks the arrival of Santa Claus. Salesmen offer sales and discounts. People begin to buy presents for Christmas. Christmas carols are broadcast. To make your spirits bright we shall sing one because Christmas is coming.
(звучит песня “Jingle Bells”, которую поют все участники и гости).