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Яникова Эльмира Рашидовна

Учитель английского языка Пожарской ОШ I-III ступеней Симферопольского района АРКРым.

Урок английского языка по теме «Путешествие»

Анотация: Данный урок позволяет научить детей общаться на тему «Путешествие».

Урок английского языка по теме «Путешествие»

Цель урока: создать содержательные и организационные условия для самостоятельного применения учащимися комплекса знаний и способов деятельности.

Образовательная: развитие эрудиции и общего кругозора учащихся

Воспитательная: развитие у детей интереса к изучению иностранного языка, воспитание культуры общения

Развивающая: развитие у учащихся языковых и познавательных способностей, памяти, воображения, коммуникативной компетенции по теме «Путешествие»


отработать лексику по теме “Путешествие”, “Транспорт” Оборудование урока: классная доска, наглядные материалы:

вещи в дорогу (сумка, паспорт, деньги, билеты, одежда) текст физ. минутки; раздаточный материал: бланки лексических заданий
Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент.

T:What is the best season for travelling?

P:The best season for travelling is summer

T: That’s right. People usually travel in summer. So, today we are going to speak about travelling. Please, look at the board and read the proverbs about travelling


TrWhat do you think about it?

PI: P2: P3: (учащиеся высказывают свое мнение по поводу пословиц)

Listen to the rhyme and repeat after me.

We go by car And we go by train We go by boat Ana we go by plane.

We go by land.

And sea and air.

We go, go, go...

From here to there.

  1. Teacher: We know that lots of people are fond of travelling. Why do people like to travel?

P 1: Travelling is one of the ways to learn about different countries, people’s culture, and interesting places.

Teacher: How can people travel?

P 2: They can travel by car, by plane, by ship, by bus, on foot.

Teacher: Why do people prefer to make journey in a car?

P3: They can stop when and where they want and enjoy nature.

Teacher: Why do some people like to travel by sea?

P 4:1 think there is nothing like travelling by sea. You can listen to the radio, swim in the swimming pool, and enjoy the wind and the sea.

Teacher: Why do people like to travel by plane?

P 5: It’s the quickest means of transport and comfortable.

T:Why do some people like to travel by train?

P6:It is the most convenient and not very expensive

T: Why do people travel? Give your reasons....Now look at the scheme. Have we mentioned all the points? (Учащиеся дополняют свои ответы используя схему)


to see the sights




to make friends

to know customs, traditions

. to visit new places

to learn a language

to discover new places


To know the



T: Where can we travel?

Pi,P2: We can travel to Australia,Canada,Britain,France,Italy,Egypt.

T: What things we need for travelling?

Pi,P2,P3 i) a passport, money,a ticket,a camera,a bag, a


T:What can we do during our travelling?


  1. play go sightseeing

  2. sing ride a like

  3. dance have a picnic

  4. swim watch TV

  5. read go fishing

  6. dive have a fun

T: I have surprise for you, children. Two guests visited our school. They have come from USA and Italy. Greet them. You ask them any questions. Who wants to speak to them?

  1. The guest from USA.

G: Hi! My name is Mary. I am from USA.

P: Do you like to travel?

G: Yes, Of course!

P: Where have you already been?

G: I have been to China.

P. What have you seen there?

G: I have seen the Great Wall, pandas, beautiful monuments.

P: How do you get there?

G: By plane.

P: Where do you stay?

G: At a hotel. I want to give a nice present to you.

P. Thank you! Good- bye!

G. Bye!

  1. The guest from Italy.

G. Hello! My name is Linda. I’m from Italy. What is your name?

P.: Hello. My name is... Where did you travel last year?

G: I went to Great Britain.

P. How was your trip?

G: Wonderful!

P.: What did you do there?

G. I visited museums, went shopping, took lots of pictures. Look at these photos.

P. Nice! Did you like it?

G. Of course! I liked very much! This is my present for you. Don’t forget me. P. Thank you very much. Bye!

T: That’s great. You have sheets of paper on your desks, please, take them. You’ll match the picture and the word. Is the task clear for you?

PI: P2: P3: (Учащиеся работают с бланками задания: соотносят иллюстрацию и слово, затем выполняют проверку у доски. )

T:Thanks a lot. Look at the board,please. Read the sentence,please! “The world is the book,and those do not travel,read only a page”

Do you agree?

Pi:Travelling is an exciting thing! P2:The more you travel,the more you see! P3:The more you travel,the more you learn!

T: That is all for now. Good - bye!

Как проходил урок, можно убедиться наглядно: дети с увлечением работали на уроке, проявили высокий уровень подготовки.