Middle-aged bore and I feared this year would be no exception познакомить девушку и молодого человека, выступить в роли свахи - shikardos.ru o_O
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Middle-aged bore and I feared this year would be no exception познакомить девушку - страница №1/1

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“Bridget Jones's diary”

Year: 2001

Country: USA | UK | Ireland | France

Director: Sharon Maguire

Stars: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant

Awards: 8 wins & 31 nominations including one Oscar nomination (Best Actress in a Leading Role), 4 BAFTA Awards nominations, 2 Golden Globes nominations, 1 Grammy nomination, MTV Movie Awards nomination (Best kiss)

Tagline: Health Warning: Adopting Bridget's lifestyle could seriously damage your health.

It's Monday morning, Bridget has woken up with a headache, a hangover and her boss.


I found myself on my own and going to my mother's annual turkey curry buffet. – the annual event that she is forced to attend at her parent's house every New Year's Day

Every year, she tries to fix me up with some bushy-haired, middle-aged bore and I feared this year would be no exception. – познакомить девушку и молодого человека, выступить в роли свахи; густой (о волосах )

There you are, dumpling. – клёцка, коротышка; пышка

Doilies, Pam? – салфеточка кружевная бумажная, подкладывается под торт \пирожное

Under the mini gherkins. – корнишон

He's a barrister, very well-off. – BrE барристер; адвокат, имеющий право выступать в высших судах (отличается от обычного адвоката тем, что не ведет дело с самого начала, а получает все материалы незадолго до суда) solicitor солиситор (юрист, консультирующий клиентов, организации и фирмы; подготавливает дела для барристера; имеет право выступать в низших судах) attorney AmE lawyer; = rich

You used to play in his paddling pool. – BrE "лягушатник" (мелкая часть бассейна для детей)

Someone who insists I call him uncle every time he gropes my ass and asks me the question dreaded by all singletons. – лапать; одиночка (холостяк, незамужняя женщина)

Your mother is trying to fix you up with some divorcee. – разведенный мужчина

Come on. Why don’t we see if Mark fancies a gherkin? = likes

Maybe this was the mysterious Mr. Right... – будущий муж, суженый, принц на белом коне

Come and look at your gravy, Pam. I think it's going to need sieving. :: Yes, of course. I'll be right there. Sorry. Lumpy gravy calls. – подливка; просеивать; комковатый

Particularly not with some verbally incontinent spinster who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish. – несдержанный, неконтролирующий себя; старая дева; = smokes and drinks a lot

half-eaten by AlsatiansBrE немецкая овчарка, AmE German shepherd

next year I wouldn't end up shit-faced and listening to sad FM = (vulgar) drunk

Not continue to form romantic attachments to any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment-phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits, or perverts. – обязательство; чересчур любопытный человек, всюду сующий нос; человек, страдающий манией величия; вульг. придурок; извращенец

Mr. Fitzherbert – Tits Pervert, more like.

I just want to staple things to her head – скреплять степлером

I only asked if he wanted to come on a mini-break to Paris... – a weekend spent out of town

It's vile Richard. – отвратительный, низкий, подлый

He's just a big knobhead with no knob. = a stupid person

This book is a searing vision of the wounds our century has inflicted on traditional masculinity. It's positively Vonnegutesque. – резкий, суровый, уничтожающий (о критике); автор романов, в которых фантастические антиутопии переплетаются с гротеском и сатирой

Emergency summit with urban family.your close friends

Is that Cleaver chap still as cute as ever? – парень

Then I think a well-timed blow job's probably the best answer. – a slang term for fellatio (this word was formerly considered to be taboo, however, it has now become acceptable in speech, although some older or more conservative people may object to its use)

Fill her up, goddamn it! – used to express extreme displeasure, anger, or surprise

Then he retired because he found that one record was quite enough to get him laid for the whole of the '90s. – to help him find sexual partners

Total poof, of course. = gay

Is skirt off sick? – на больничном

Skirt is demonstrably neither sick nor absent. – очевидно, ясно, явно, наглядно

Appalled by management's blatantly size-ist attitude... Suggest management sick, not skirt! – шокированный; вульгарный; sizeism – discrimination on the basis of a person's size

Have been seduced by informality messaging medium into flirting with office scoundrel. способ, средство; негодяй, мерзавец, подлец

Will persevere with resolution to find a nice, sensible man. – упорно продолжать

If walking past office was attempt to demonstrate presence of skirt can only say that it has failed parlously. – очень, весьма, зд. провалилась с треском

Shut up, please. I am very busy and important.

How dare you sexually harass me in this impertinent manner. – дерзкий, наглый, нахальный

Will avoid all non-P.C. overtones in future. Deeply apologetic. P.S. Like your tits in that top. – non politically correct; намек; breasts

Daniel. The New York office for you. :: Yeah, tell them I'll get back to them. = call them later

Totally ignore Daniel and suck up to famous authors. = держаться поближе к

Circulate. Oozing intelligence. – источать

Sheila enjoys horse-riding and comes from New Zealand. Daniel enjoys publishing and comes… :: all over your face? = ejaculates

If I actually do, by some terrible chance end up in flagrante surely these would be most attractive at crucial moment – in flagrante delicto – на месте преступления

Ha. Tricky. Very tricky. – сложный; мудрёный, хитрый

Mark's a prematurely middle-aged prick with a cruel-raced ex-wife. Perpetua's a fat-ass old bag who spends her time bossing me around. – придурок; уродина, старая дура; руководить

Do you know where the toilets are? – BrE

Listen, you don't know where the loos are here, do you? = BrE toilets

Oi! Sorry, the mike is not working. – эй! (оклик с целью привлечь внимание); микрофон

I know you by reputation, of course. – понаслышке

By the by, that man is gorgeous. – разг. кстати

Jones. Sod 'em all. – BrE посылать к чёрту

Totally innocent, no funny business just full sex. – обман, мошенничество

But thank you for the lovely dinner. – BrE отличный, восхитительный

Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between her thighs. Oh, hi mom. – распутный, развратный

Darling, if I came in with my knickers on my head, he wouldn't notice. – women’s underwear

To be honest, darling, having children isn't all it's cracked up to be. – это совсем не так чудесно, как об этом говорят

Comes into the store to have his colors done. – определить тип (осень, весна и тд)

Ooh! I must wizс шумом лететь; мчаться (об автомобиле); нестись, я побежала

Sorry to keep you waiting.

lapis lazuliлазурит

She and this tangerine-tinted buffoon are suddenly an item. – мандаринного цвета; клоун; = couple

Tarts and Vicars party. – проститутка

I’am no longer tragic spinster but proper girlfriend of bonafide sexgod so committed that he's taking me on a full-blown, minibreak holiday weekend. – настоящий; преданный; полноценный

poncey poetry – BrE, разг слезливый

Oh, bollocks. – вульг. чепуха

You swan in in your short skirt and your sexy see-through blouse and fanny around with press releases. – прозрачный; вульг. заниматься фигней

I'm sorry, Bridge. I know I'm being a prat. – идиот

Trying hard to fight off a vision of Mum and Auntie Una in fishnet tights. – колготки в сеточку

You look like a common prostitute. – банальный, вульгарный; грубый

She's only just had her ovaries done. – ей недавно удалили яичники

This is only a temporary glitch. – (informal), затруднение, проблема

I was just saying Geoffrey didn't contact you, either to tell you that the Tarts and Vicars concept had gone out of the window. – (informal) улетучиться, испариться, исчезнуть

At Sit Up, Britain, no one ever gets sacked for shaggin' the boss. = gets fired; = having sex with

Chaka Khan. – is an American singer-songwriter

Oh, just sod off. – BrE, (vulgar) отвали

OK, everybody, it is bonfire night and we are on fire. We have live fire station feeds from Newcastle, Swansea, Sheffield, and Lewisham just poised for tragedy. – ночь Гая Фокса” (ежегодно вечером 5 ноября отмечается раскрытие "Порохового заговора"; люди жгут костры, устраивают фейерверки, сжигают чучело главы заговора - Гая Фокса), прямое включение; готовый

I want you pointing a hose. – пожарный шланг

Excellent. I'm a national laughing stock. – посмешище

The only thing worse than a smug married couple… – чопорный, самодовольный и ограниченный

Never dip your nib in the office ink. – (букв. перо) don’t have affairs with your colleagues

You really ought to hurry up and get sprogged up, old girl? – BrE child, зд. завести детей

Suppose it doesn't help that underneath our clothes our entire bodies are covered in scales. – чешуя

I want a hardheaded interview. – расчётливый, трезвый, сухой

I'll just pop to the shop for some ciggies. – заходить ненадолго; = cigarettes

I don't know. I was having a slash. – отлить

Tie flavor-enhancing leek and celery together with string. – лук-порей

Finely slice oranges and grate zest. – цедра

Oh, bugger, bugger! – BrE (slang) an exclamation of annoyance or disappointment

Ouch! Careful, you ham-fisted cunt! = (informal) clumsy; used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable (although there has been some relaxation of the taboo against using words such as fuck in conversation and print, the use of cunt is still not considered acceptable by most people outside very limited social contexts)

I was just dozing off, and I felt this huge… – задремать

It's quite pervy, really. – извращенно

congealed green gungeзагустевший; (informal) грязь

caper berry gravyподливка из каперсов

I'll be in some seedy bar with some seedy blonde. – (informal) убогий

Dumped me. = left me

Should I bring my dueling pistols or my sword? – мечь

Why was Mark "Wanker" Darcy here? – BrE a contemptible person, a jerk

I'll shin you – ударять по голени

But he also nicked Daniel's fiancée . – (informal) стащить, стибрить

We belong together, Jones. – мы созданы друг для друга

plus forty-two mince-piesсладкий пирожок с начинкой (из изюма, миндаля)

Bugger off! – BrE пошли вон

I'm going to Bedfordshire. = to bed (a play on words)

I'm joking, you daft cow. = stupid

He had a filthy temper. – подлый, отвратительный

He's also still deranged. = crazy

He finds the pair of them in a most unorthodox position stark naked, at it like rabbits. = totally naked

Mark, your father wants to begin A.S.A.P.as soon as possible

The caterers have totally screwed up. – поставщики еды для вечеринки; облажаться

That's why you beat him to a pulp, quite rightly. – не оставить живо места

You're haughty, and you always say the wrong thing – высокомерный, заносчивый, надменный

And I seriously believe that you should rethink the length of your sideburns. – баки

So if you wanted to pop by sometime that might be nice. – заскочить

Right. Crikey. – an exclamation of amazement, dismay, surprise etc

He takes with him his brilliant partner in law Natasha. And, well, I don't think they'll mind if I say that someday this remarkably clever girl is going to be something-else-in-law as well. – a play on words

Is she pissed? = drunk

Well...better dash. – отчалить, уйти

If he didn't leap over the family heirlooms and whip you up in his arms, then sod him. – перепрыгнуть; фамильная ценность; задушил в объятиях

Yes. He's clearly the most dreadful coldfish. – холодный, бесчувственный человек

I just wanted to know if you were available for Bar Mitzvahs and christenings. – the celebration of a Jewish boy having assumed full religious obligations, being at least thirteen years of age

No fucking room anyway. – тут места все равно нет

Everyone knows diaries are just full of crap. – чушь