L look, it is written here: the name "Alaska" originates from an aleutian word «Alyeshka», which means «Large country». Появляется с - shikardos.ru o_O
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L look, it is written here: the name "Alaska" originates from an aleutian word «Alyeshka» - страница №1/1

Alaska - Russian land of the rising sun.
Двое учеников сидят за партой. На парте разложены разные книги и журналы (на английском языке). Ученики увлеченно рассматривают их. На полу у стола лежат веник, совок, ведро с тряпкой и швабра. Тут в комнату входит третий ученик:
L - Hello, Masha, hello, Nadya. Oh, what are you doing here?

M - Hello, Lenya. You know, we've been sweeping and cleaning in the classroom and found a pile of some journals.

L - Oh, really? It‘s interesting.

N -We decided to look them through, they are so colorful!

L -Let’s do it together. OK?

M- Of course, come on.
Все вместе рассматривают книги. …. находит журнал и говорит:

N - Look, here's a magazine about Alaska. Do you know anything about Alaska?

M - Well, I know that it’s situated in the North of the American continent. I know that it belonged to the Russian Empire long ago, and later it was sold to the United States of America. Have you heard anything about it?

L - No, unfortunately I don’t know anything about Alaska!

N - Let's read this magazine. We may learn something curious.
Ученики открывают этот журнал и ставят его на парту обложкой к зрителям
Alaska - "Big Country".
L - Look, it is written here: the name "Alaska" originates from an aleutian word «Alyeshka», which means «Large country».
Появляется слайд с картой Северной Америки.

M - Hey, here is a map. Alaska is the most northern of American states and largest of them. It is situated on the peninsula with the same name which occupies the fifth part of the USA.

Слайдживописный вид Аляски.

N - Alaska is so picturesque and attractive. It is crossed by mountain ranges with majestic peaks and plains. Here is woodless tundra and there are thick forests. If you take off from the airdrome of the big noisy city less than in an hour you can get to places where the foot of the person hasn't stepped yet.
Слайд Мак-Кинли, река Юкон.
M -The highest mountain top of North America is the McKinley (6193) and the third longest river Yukon stretches across Alaska. There are many biggest places here – the deepest lakes, the largest bears, the longest and coldest winters with the frosts reaching -60 °C, the highest prices for foodstuff and articles of prime necessity.
Появляется карта приближенного штата Аляска.
L - People consider Alaska to remind «Pan handle».
N - And Alaska looks like a huge palm with five thumbs up. "Thumb" - Kenai peninsula, "forefinger" - peninsula Alaska, "middle finger" - peninsula, which hasn’t got its own name, "anonymous" - Seward peninsula, "little finger" - Hope cape.
M - Well, what a great imagination you’ve got!
Alaska - Russian land.
L - So, let's keep on reading further. What is the next story about?
N - «Alaska - Russian land».
M - So how? It is an American state!
Появляется слайд, на котором сперва есть только фотография Александра II.
N - It is written here that it was opened in 1732 by Russian expedition under the head of M.S.Gvozdev and I. Fyodorov and it was the possession of Russia in North America. But in 1867 Alexander II sold it to America.
M - Why?
На слайд добавляется фотография Константина.
L - He followed his younger brother Konstantin’s advice:
Александр и Константин сидят вдвоем.
N - Alexander II: I have cancelled the serfdom. Now I should pay lots of money to landowners. However there is no money in our treasury at present. What must we do?
M - Konstantin: (пожимает плечами и разводит руки в стороны) It is a complicated question. I think, we have to borrow some money…. For example, from the Rothschilds.
L - The envoy from the Rothschilds: (подходит к ним) Being the authorized agent of the Rothschilds I deliver you 15 million pounds at 5 % interest (передает деньги Александру).
N - Alexander II: Fantastic! But how can I repay it to the Rothschilds?
M - Konstantin: May be, we can sell something.
N - Alexander II: What can it be?
M - Konstantin: It turns out that the most unnecessary thing is Alaska (ставит на стол флаг Аляски до 1868 г). During the Crimean war we understood how unprotected from enemies our east earth was, and in particular Alaska. I think, if we don't sell it now, we will lose it in some years. It seems to me that that it is more profitable to sell it to the United States of America now.

N - Alexander II: I believe, they will agree. I’ve come to the conclusion (бьет кулаком по столу). Alaska will be sold!
Слайд чека. Потом его сменяет слайд-сравнение. С одной стороны – Аляска (на ней написано 104 млн. долларов), с другой – яхта Абрамовича (написано 130 млн. долларов)
N - We received such a check from Americans at sale of Alaska for 7 million dollars gold.
L - According to the rate of this currency today it’s about 104 million dollars. Even the yacht of the businessman Roman Abramovich by name costs more – about 130 million dollars.
M - Cool! …Well, we’ve got it.
N - And I heard that Alaska wasn’t actually sold, and it was just rented for 99 years.
L - No, I can't agree with you. Otherwise it can be ours again.
M - It is one of the myths. You know.
N - But … There are some monuments of the Russian history, which are carefully preserved.
Слайд с изображением Германа Аляскинского.
L - Look, here are some words about Saint Herman Aljaskinsky. He was born in Russia, in town Serpukhov. When he was sixteen, he went to Trinity Hermitage of St. Sergius near Petersburg, and 5 years later he left for the island of Valaam.
Слайд Валаама.
N -In 1793 the spiritual mission was founded for the "the wild" pagan people of Alaska and in 1807 he was appointed its head.
M -Later he was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in America.
Слайд с Беринговым проливом (видна Россия и Аляска). Потом слайд с Берингией. Прокладывается путь людей. Затем – фото коренных жителей (индейцы, алеуты, эскимосы).
L - Once there was a land – Beringija in the place of the modern Bering Strait. It is considered that first people and animals moved from Asia to America across this land. Those people were ancestors of Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos. And now about 88 thousand natives live in the state of Alaska.
Слайд с фото Шелихова.
N - Many great historic pages refer to the discovery and developments of Russian America made by Russian people. For example, one of them was Gregory Shelihov (Columbus Rossky). He headed the expedition in 1783-1786, and at that time he founded the first Russian settlements in North America.
Слайд с фото Баранова и первые русские поселения.
M - Another well-known name is Alexander Baranov (1746 – 1819). He was a Russian merchant and the first main governor of Russian settlements in America. He investigated the territories of the Pacific coast of Northwest America, established commercial relations with California, the Hawaiian Islands and China.
Слайд с фото Ситки, Форт Росса, храма святого Михаила.
N - He initiated shipbuilding, copper manufacture, coal mining and organized schools. Fort Ross in California was built in 1812 to his order. Then he based Novoarhangelsk (since 1867 — Sitka). Sitka is the Russian capital of Alaska. One of the first orthodox temples is opened there nowadays.
Дальше все названия высвечиваются на новом слайде.
L - The map of Alaska is full of Russian names. A word «Russian» was often among them. For instance, there are such settlements as Russian Mission on Yukon, the Russian Mountains and the Russian River.
M - The names of outstanding researchers, heads of expeditions appeared on the map: Cape of Chirikov, Lake of Shelihov, The isle of Baranov etc.
N - Russian words, difficult to pronounce and mysterious in meaning for modern inhabitants of Alaska are the names of settlements: Ouzenkie, Nikichka, Nizina; capes Konets, Kovrizhka or Rukavitsie.
Золотая лихорадка.
L - Hasn’t Alaska really ever faced any difficulties?
M - Why? The area has been ill with "Gold-rush" in its worst form.
L - When was it?
M - It was in 1898. Then yellow metal gold was found near the American city of Nome. The gold-rush made thousands and thousands of gold hunters rush to that land to become rich.
L - And did they succeed? Were they rich?
N - Yes, and Nome turned into a prosperous place to live in 5-6 years. Houses were under construction, roads were cleared, shops, restaurants, banks, hotels, churches were opened, newspapers began to be published. The city was named «Alaskan Paris» and it wasn’t far from being true.
L - And then? What about their life now?
N - After 1906 the mine of Alaska cost more than 7.5 million dollars – more than the government had paid to the USA for Alaska. However later it became clear that the mines were exhausted.
L - I wonder, were there any well-known people who got in this rush too?
M - A famous American writer Jack London was there in the spring of 1897 and returned to San-Francisco a year later. And instead of becoming rich with that gold, Jack London in his works described the work and life of gold diggers. Those stories about the North brought him wide popularity.
Интересные факты из жизни Аляски.
L - Each part of the area is interesting in something. Here are some «Interesting facts from the life of Alaska». We can learn more about it.
Если есть, появляется слайд с фото мальчика или его приюта.
M - Yes, let's do it. Here is the modern flag of Alaska, and here is the history of its appearance.
N - Author: The sketch of Alaskan flag was offered by a thirteen-year old orphan Benny Benson.
Бенни сидит за партой и рисует. К нему подходит учитель.
M - Teacher: Hello, Benny! What are you doing today?
L - Benny: Good afternoon, teacher. I’ve heard about a competition for the best symbol of Alaska. I have tried to draw a flag. Here it is (показывает нарисованный флаг).
Появляется слайд с флагом.
M - Teacher: Very beautiful, well done. And what does it mean?
L - Benny: The dark blue color symbolizes the evening sky, the seas washing the peninsula and the cleanest mountain lakes. Here are seven stars - the Big Dipper, and one, bigger in sizes - North Star. It symbolizes that our state is the most northern in the USA.
M - Teacher: What an excellent idea!
N - Author: the Jury considered Benn's work to be the best. This is why the flag of Alaska looks so.
L - Well, you see, there are lots of mysterious fact, proved and not about Alaska. But this is another story.

На этом журнал заканчивается. Он закрывается.
M - Guys, in my opinion, we’ve found a magnificent magazine. It is very informative, but at the same time it’s interesting.
L - We agree with you.
N - I didn't believe that it is possible to receive so much helpful information in 15 minutes.
M - Would you like to see this all with your own eyes?
L - Now we all dream to visit Alaska.
N - Let’s hope that this dream will come true some day.
Появляется слайд с рекламой.
M - Oh look, here is a flyer! (раздают рекламки)
L - It’s written here: «Welcome to our tour round Ketchikan».
Слайд с фотографиями Кетчикана.
N - Ketchikan is a very beautiful city in the state of Alaska with mysterious foggy fjords, granite rocks, damp rain woods, 300-meter falls and mountain lakes with crystal water.
Фото животных.
M - Excursions round this city are the unique possibility to get acquainted with the wild nature of the area: to see black bears, white-headed eagles and sea lions.
L - And what are these statues?
Фото реконструированного лагеря индейцев.
M - It is national park of Ketchikan. It is surprising that life of Indians there is reconstructed and there are many totem columns. The population of American Indians is growing.
L - Wow. It’s very interesting.
Слайды фото с фестиваля, медведей, лосося, собачьих упряжек.
N - You are welcome to the Festival of polar bears. It is an excellent way to get warm. The bravest make a leap into icy water, the others have fun.
M - Another entertainment of the Festival is a «fish tournament». Teams throw a slippery salmon at each other, ride dog sledges and compete in eating oysters.
L - I would like to visit this festival! Join us!
Появляется слайд с надписью «The End».